• We're Different

    The SDFN - something different from normal- is more than just an organisation for sustainable development.Its about people and organisation synergizing ideas, actions and commitment from local to global level.

  • We're Unique

    the SFDN is unique in the sense that it comprises multiple stakeholders from the community to the government and academic institutions. we are a neutral and apolitical platform that facilitates dialogues, research and collabrative action

  • We're Incredible

    The SDFN is incredible as its strength lies in its diversity - the diversity of institutions capacities ideas and experiences- of its members and friends.

Who we are

Sustainable Development Forum Nagaland (SDFN) – is a registered not-for-profit forum where the Naga civil society, academia, entrepreneurs, government and the media collectively discuss and work in facilitating the state towards a sustainable development pathway. The SDFN aims to facilitate dialogues, research and sustainable policy making in mind the state’s economy, environment and issues of leadership, research and documentation.


The overall objective of the Kohima Summit: SMDS-III will continue to be in line with the objectives of the previous two other Sustainable Mountain Development Summits (SMDS) of the Indian Mountain Initiative (IMI) which is to provide a platform for Indian Himalayan states to come together to discuss issues of development priority, as well as, to find ways to influence national and state public policies.

The primary objective of the Kohima Summit therefore will be to look at, share and understand policy and governance issues particularly around the proposed themes so as to learn from and suggest key interventions based on field experiences and intellectual inputs.

The Kohima Summit proposes to also initiate the process of cultural and social exchanges amongst the different mountain states and communities. To supplement this special site visits based on the themes; home stays; culture, music and food expositions and other events will be organised.

A special session – Meeting of Youth from Mountain States - will also be organised as a pre-summit activity and the outcomes of this meeting shall feed into the main discussions of the Sustainable Mountain Development Summit.

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