About US

Sustainable Development Forum Nagaland (SDFN) – is a registered not-for-profit forum where the Naga civil society, academia, entrepreneurs, government and the media collectively discuss and work in facilitating the state towards a sustainable development pathway. The SDFN aims to facilitate dialogues, research and sustainable policy making in mind the state’s economy, environment and issues of leadership, research and documentation.

The SDFN envisions a very important role in impacting mountain development not only in Nagaland but across the mountainous Himalayan regions. It is part of the Indian Mountain Initiative network which comprises of 11 Indian mountain states which includes the hill districts of Assam and West Bengal.

Our Aims and Ojectives

  • To enhance public awareness and consciousness of the necessity of the application of the principles of sustainable consumption and development so as to ensure the realisation of an equitable, environmentally oriented, self-sustaining development and to ensure its continued sustainability in the future.
  • To promote the development of knowledge, theory and practice of sustainable development in its various aspects and to improve the level of skills and capabilities for its realisation.
  • To promote the development of human resources with the perspective of sustainable development and also enhancement of the knowledge and capabilities which would help in participation at the level of state, national, regional and international leadership for the realisation of sustainable development.
  • To promote values which are conducive to institutional development for the realisation of sustainable development in state, national, regional and international spheres
  • To conduct seminars, scientific meetings, discussions and promote writing of the national, regional and international dimensions so as to broaden the dissemination and communication of knowledge on sustainable development.
  • To promote policies that seeks to protect the environment and promote development in a sustainable manner.
  • To work, promote and network with individuals, communities and organisations that strive towards attaining a society that is sustainable, fair and just.

Our patron

  • Mr. Neiphiu Rio

Our FOunding Members

  • Mr. Alemtemshi Jamir
  • Mr. D. Ratno, SRTT, Kohima
  • Dr. Cressida Jamir, NBRM, Kohima
  • Mr. Vengota Nakro, NEPED, Kohima
  • Ms. Ella Mary, YARD, Kohima
  • Mr. Moatoshi Longkumer, NBRM,Kohima
  • Mr. Alemba, NBDA, Kohima
  • Ms. Hekani Jakhalu, Youthnet, Kohima
  • Mr. Amardeep S Bhatia
  • Ms. Neilazono Terhuja, NBHM, Kohima
  • Mr. Rokovisa Chase, NBDA, Kohima
  • Mr. Nzambemo K. Lotha, NBHM, Kohima
  • Mr. Amba Jamir, TML-India, Mokokchung/Guwahati
  • Mr. Neichute Doulo, EA, Kohima
  • Mr. Mhonlomo Kikon, Dice Foundation,Kohima
  • Rev. Dr. Chingmak Kejong, Eleutheros Christian Society, Tuensang
  • Mr. Nuklo Phom, Phom Baptist Church, Longleng
  • Ms. Phangnon Wangsha, WALO, Mon

Governing Council

  • Mr. Alemtemshi Jamir -Chairperson
  • Mr. Amba Jamir -Executive Secretary
  • Ms. Ella Mary - Treasurer
  • Mr Menukhol John – Focal Person to Government of Nagaland
  • Mr. Vengota Nakro
  • Mr. D. Ratno
  • Ms Hekani Jakhalu
  • Mr Neichute Doulo

Our Partners and well wishers

The SDFN is supported in its endeavour by like minded organisations. The SDFN has partnered the following organisations to achieve its goals.

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