After Summit Papers

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Thematic parameters for paper writers:

  • The gradual ‘adulteration’ of mountain agriculture with the conventional ‘green revolution’ approach, causing irreversible damage to the sustainability of traditional mountain agriculture (and the resultant loss of agro-biodiversity)
  • The stagnant/rapidly declining productivity and declining returns, resulting in out-migration and the growing shift of management responsibilities on women (particularly in the western Himalayas) – commonly known as ‘feminisation’ of agriculture,
  • The rapid shift from food crops to cash crops – and the resultant ‘elite capture’ of resources (also implications for growing disparities),
  • Opportunities – given the impacts of CC,
  • The importance of mountain agro-diversity in CCA, especially the need for identifying/developing stress tolerant crops to meet the growing needs for food (and ensuring food security).
  • Foresight on mountain agriculture- what do we want future of mountain agriculture to be and what is required to make it possible.
  • Alienation of mountain youth from agriculture because of educational system, policy neglect, aspirations and perceptions and what needs to be done.
  • Food and nutrition security for mountain regions - how can it be secured if not through local farmers (especially in disaster prone mountain topographies.
  • Agriculture still provides gainful employment to a majority of mountain population- what alternative to this mass employment for mountain people?
  • Community based and local innovation in agriculture - not only research by scientists but farmer led research is important especially with regard to the need to continuously adapt to climate change.
  • Policy gaps, opportunities and challenges.

We invite your papers on the broad issues discussed above.

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