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An introduction to the IMI-Sustainable Mountain Development Summit III

Come September, Kohima will be host to the third Sustainable Mountain Development Summit (SMDS-III), an annual key activity of the Indian Mountain Initiative (IMI) that aims to provide a platform for the mountain states of the Indian Himalayan Region to come together, share experiences, discuss issues of concern and evolve consensus on how to address them.

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Grassroots Comics, giving voice to the common people

Grassroots Comics is a relatively new concept that has emerged as a powerful medium for the rural community to give voice to issues concerning them. It is a tool for delivering socially relevant messages to the society by the common masses themselves.

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Policy Makers’ Dialogue & Legislators’ Meet

Two of the major side events of the upcoming Kohima Summit are the Policy Makers’ Dialogue and the Legislators’ Meet. It was during the Gangtok Summit last year that the Legislators’ meet was first conceptualized to bring together legislators from the Indian mountain states and to facilitate a discussion that focuses on collective action and thinking based on a vision for sustainable mountain agenda for the Indian mountain states.

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Young people as catalysts of change for sustainable development

Young people, they say, are the hope of any nation. They are the new generation that will go on to inherit the earth. The same earth which is already confronted with several environmental challenges, and is in danger of losing more of its rich natural resources, as globalization continues to take place at a rapid pace.
The world over is also trying to prioritize issues of environment because of the fact that it has now become a global issue that needs to be dealt with seriousness. And when we talk about a global issue, it involves people from every walk of life, people from every age group and people from every nook and corner of the world.

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SAPCC Mountain Caucus at Kohima Summit

In 2008, India’s first National Action Plan on Climate Change (NAPCC) was launched, stating the country’s contribution towards combating climate change. The plan seeks to outline existing and future policies and programs addressing climate mitigation and adaptation while identifying eight core “national missions” running through 2017, which can be identified as the National Solar Mission, National Mission for Enhanced Energy Efficiency, National Mission on Sustainable Habitat, National Water Mission, National Mission for Sustaining the Himalayan Ecosystem, National Mission for a “Green India, National Mission for Sustainable Agriculture, and National Mission on Strategic Knowledge for Climate Change respectively.

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