Pre SUmmit Events

Pre-summit events and meetings play a critical role in not just reaching out to all sections of stakeholders across the mountain region but also facilitates in identifying papers, presenters, participants and strengthening the network upwards from the ground level. This has been proven to be a crucial and critical activity in enhancing not just the quantity of participation but also the quality of papers presented. It has also further facilitated the involvement of more people and institutions in the IMI movement even without attending the main Summit.

State Specific Workshops

Rather than regional meetings, each state will be required to host at least a one day meeting with potential partners and stakeholders within their state to not only discuss the Summit program but to also discuss the formation of a collective forum to work with the IMI network. They will be briefed about the IMI, the SMDS process and facilitated into focussing into issues faced in their states with regard to the SMDS-III themes.

expected output

  • Civil Society at large, government agencies and individuals in each state will be locally networked/based for collective information sharing, planning and activities not just for the IMI or SMDS events but also for their respective states as well;
  • The state specific workshops will also help each state in allowing them to collectively plan for the IMI activities and thereby form the critical mass to participate and work as the general body of the IMI;
  • The state specific workshops will immediately help the state network themselves for participation in the SMDS so that appropriate papers are identified, developed and the right issues, concerns and experiences reflected during the SMDS through their participation;
  • By involving all stakeholders in a particular state, they can also advocate with their respective state governments for support and collaboration.

Youth Summit

The core underlying belief behind the concept of Sustainable Development is that future generations have as much of a claim over the earth and its resources as present generations do.The Youth Summit will have participation of youth from all the 11 states and hill district of Darjeeling in West Bengal that constitute the IHR.

the objectives

  • Developing a shared understanding of sustainable development in mountain states;
  • Identifying the youth specific challenges vis-à-vis the themes;
  • Outlining their perspectives on how to address these challenges; and
  • Providing the youth with specific leadership skills.

Expected results

  • Common understanding of what sustainable development is for youth from the Indian Himalayan states;
  • A document stating the development priorities of the youth and which will include a set of recommendations on how the youth can contribute to research, policy and development of Indian mountain states
  • The possible formation of an Indian Mountain Youth Network (IMYN) established as perdeliberations of the youth.
  • The outcomes of this youth programme will feed into the main Summit deliberations

Field Visits

Pre-summit theme based field visits will be arranged to areas in and around Kohima so that they have an idea of the issues in states like Nagaland. This will also give participants who opt for field visits the opportunity to engage with local communities and understand their challenges. This is an optional activity where participants will be required to make a minimum contribution of Rs 500 towards Community Development Fund and also 50% of one night’s extra stay in the hotel.

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