A number of crucial issues pertaining to mountain development shall also be discussed in smaller caucuses as side events. These side events shall generally be by invitation from amongst participants to the Summit or even otherwise. On the other hand, different agencies representing private, public and even the non-government sectors shall be invited and given space to hold exhibitions and share their knowledge ad expertise.


The Kohima Summit will also provide opportunities and spaces for interested organizations to exhibit, share and demonstrate their activities, technologies and experiences. this will also provide opportunities for networking and collabrative/collective actions not just amongst organisation at state or regional levels but at the National level too.
Interested Parties may get in touch with for more information


  • Policy Makers Dialogue – To discuss and deliberate upon the appropriateness and relevance of the guidelines for centrally sponsored schemes and other programmes for Indian mountain states and to come up with suggestions and policy recommendations, if any;
  • Legislators Meet – To bring together legislators from the Indian mountain states and to facilitate a discussion that focuses on collective action and thinking based on a Vision for sustainable mountain agenda for the Indian mountain states;
  • SAPCC Mountain Caucus – To bring together different state actors involved in the development of the State Action Plans for Climate Change, as well as, other agencies and organizations involved in the process to identify areas of shared objectives, collaboration, networking and co-sharing of knowledge and resources across the Indian Himalayan states;
  • Exhibitions and demonstrations – This shall be a pavilion that facilitates different development agencies and organizations to network and demonstrate experiences, as well as, the different innovations and technologies available in mountain states.

The 3rd Indian Himalayan Photography Competition

The 3rdIndian Himalayan Photography Competition will be held in Kohima from the 25th to 27th September 2013as part of the Kohima Summit 2013 - Sustainable Mountain Development Summit (SDS-III), under the aegis of Sustainable Development Forum Nagaland (SDFN)and the Indian Mountain Initiative (IMI). The Competition is expected to not just highlight the salient features of the Indian Himalayan Region but to encourage photography as a medium to speak for and about mountains, its people, their challenges and celebrate life as it is. The details of the 3rdIndian HimalayanPhotography Competition are as follows:

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